About Us

Who  Are  We?

We are people of faith striving to love God and love people.


Where We Are Going?

We are:

    • Creating an open and loving faith community.

    • Transforming lives through acts of love, justice, mercy and compassion.


How We  Are Doing It?

We strive to create worship experiences that are oriented toward God,

authentic, holistic,  passionate, and relational.


We strive to share our faith, hope and dreams through words and actions.

What is the well you drink from when times are tough?

What gives you strength?


PUMC serves many needs of the community through a variety of opportunities.


We strive to experience relationships of mutual giving and receiving on a  local,

regional, national and global level.


More About our Mission Work, Here.


We strive to create an environment that meets  people where they are and

creates a safe space to explore, ask questions, learn, and grow.


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