Is Mission an Event or a Way of Life



Often when we think of engaging in mission we view it as a one time event. We set a planning meeting, assign tasks and when the day comes we all pitch in to help. We then put everything away and go home. Now we can check mission off our list.

What if there is a different way to view mission.  What if engaging in mission is engaging in a way of life.  A way that not only transforms the lives of those we are helping but also as a transformation of ourselves. What if, on a daily basis, we find a way to engage in helping people, just as the good Samaritan did in the story told in Luke 10.  What if we integrate this spirit of love into everything we do?

With so many areas of need, it can be difficult to know where to put your attention.  Do you ever have trouble with this?  I know I do.  I was recently listening to an interview by the creator of a film about poverty in Africa.

He discovered his mission by asking himself two questions:

First: “What is something that breaks my heart?”

Is it images of children starving in South America …. the enslavement of young girls for sex trafficking ….. the widespread effect of Aids in Africa.

Then he asked:   “What is something I love to do?” 

Maybe it is cooking, writing,  videography.   Now, find a creative way to put these two things together.This can help guide a way of life in mission and love.