Adult Spiritual Formation Programs

We meet you where you are!  Here at Polson United Methodist Church,  we recognize that everyone is on their own faith journey.   You do not need to be a member of the congregation or attend worship service to participate in one of these spiritual formation opportunities.


Join us in the prayer room each Wednesday at noon for an hour of prayer, an initial study of the week’s worship text, and communion. For more information contact the church office – 883.6161

Cymbrogi II, formerly known as Small Groups), is a groups of 5 – 7 people that meet for the purpose of asking the question, “how is it with your soul?”   These are groups that make a commitment to one another to meet once a week, to share in confidence, and to encourage and hold one another accountable as we each walk in our own faith journey.    While each individual group develops a different feel, the basic premise is to support one another in the quest to do no harm, do good, love God and love people.    For information on joining a group, see Lynn Sherick. You do not need to be a member of the congregation or attend worship to participate in a small group.

Adult Sunday School is an hour before service for the fall, winter, and spring quarters.  Students each have a Cokesbury guide to follow and the two leaders, Peggy and Gary, alternate teaching each week using a leader’s guide.  We follow the liturgical curriculum as needed and let all the attendees voluntarily participate with their feelings, prayers, questions, and concerns.  We are especially delighted to share our Bible study with new attendees and their insights.  Come learn with us! For more information, contact Gary Teggeman – 883.1610 or Peggy Milner – 883.4015